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Competitive Electronics Assembly nearby


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In the Western electronics industry the dominating paradigm of the 1990’s was a dismantling of the vertically integrated electronics companies and a massive subcontracting of manufacturing to low labor cost factories in the (Far) East. This has led to a highly complex and fragmented electronics supply chain.

Recently many companies have become aware of the disadvantages of manufacturing at the other side of the planet when servicing their Western customers. Re-shoring and near-shoring are the new buzz words. Combined with a renewed interest and stimulation of local manufacturing by US and EU governments a paradigm shift in electronics manufacturing may be on the verge of a breakthrough.

During this cEDM event we will give a view on this paradigm shift and what is key to competitive electronic products nearby.

Geert Willems of cEDM explains how the main asset of the Benelux – brainpower – can be a major competitive advantage in electronics product development and manufacturing. An overview of cEDM’s knowledge supporting electronic product development will be presented.

Two of our partners will testify on how they successfully manage their manufacturing:

  • Gert D’Handschotter explains why he has taken the decision to integrate electronics manufacturing in his company E.D.&.A and what is key to its success.
  • Guy de Winne will enlighten us on Newtec Manufacturing Competence Centre’s view on competitive manufacturing of Newtec products and to provide manufacturing services to 3rd parties. He will explain what is behind Newtec’s “2015 Factory of the Future” award.

Finally, Craig Hillman will explain the importance of product reliability and Design-for-Reliability. DfR Solutions (US) has developed the tool Sherlock to assist the Design for Reliability process.

During the afternoon, you have the possibility to visit an exhibition where cEDM and its partners showcase their developments, tools and services.

 cEDM Event 2015

  •  Presentation: Competitive electronics assembly nearby (Geert Willems, imec - cEDM)
  •  Presentation: Taking manufacturing activities back in your own hands (Gert D'Hanschotter, E.D.&A.)
  •  Presentation: Shaping the future of satellite communications (Guy de Winne, Newtec)
  •  Presentation: Design for Reliability: A Condition for Successful Product Introduction (Craig Hillman, DfR Solutions)
  •  Recording
Friday, November 20, 2015
  • 13h30 Doors
  • 14h00 Welcome
  • 14h10 Competitive Electronics Assembly nearby (Geert Willems, imec - cEDM)
  • 14h40 Taking manufacturing activities back in your own hands (Gert D'Handschotter - E.D.& A.)
  • 15h10 Coffee break - Visit to the exhibition
  • 15h30 2015 : Factory of the future (Guy de Winne - Newtec)
  • 16h00 Design for Reliability : a condition for successful product introduction. (Craig Hillman - DfR Solutions)
  • 16h30 Visit to the exhibition - Networking - Drinks - Snacks
  • 19h00 Closure

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imec, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee
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