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Imec’s Center of Electronics Design & Manufacturing activities are aimed at supporting the industry in the development of cost effective quality electronics. When improved, multidisciplinary insight in the physical realisation of electronics throughout the electronic supply chain is brought to the operational departments and factory floor by means of guidelines, tools, consultancy and training this has a significant positive effect on the business results. This event will give you an understanding of how and to what extent cEDM’s expertise may help your company.
An overview of cEDM activities will be presented. A view on what some of our cEDM partners have done with cEDM know-how and how they have thrived the last five years will be given.
Lena Eeckhout, Manager PCB Layout Services of Barco, will present Barco’s newly, worldwide deployed PCB/PBA New Product Introduction process. This NPI business process was developed and deployed in collaboration with imec’scEDM and integrates several of cEDM’s innovations (PCB specification, PCB failure calculation, PBA passport, Design-to-supplier matching, etc).
Eric Roskin now at Pepric has been working with cEDM for many years in the field of PCB/PBA design and manufacturing. He will share with you his cEDM collaboration experience as an industrialisation engineer.
After the presentations there is ample time for avisit to the booths and for networking.Thisgives you theopportunityto further explorethevarious aspects of thecEDMand imecservicesoffering as well as thecEDM partner network.Snacks and drinks will be within hand reach.

 cEDM Event 2013

  •  Presentation: imecservices (Steve Beckers, imec services)
  •  Presentation: cEDM activities from a business perspective (Geert Willems, imec cEDM)
  •  Presentation: Barco's PCB/PBA New Product Introduction methodology (Lena Eeckhout, Barco)
  •  Presentation: Working with cEDM in Industrialization (Eric Roskin, Pepric)
Friday, October 4, 2013
  • 14h00 Welcome (Filip Ponsaerts, imecservices - cEDM)
  • 14h10 imecservices (Steve Beckers, imecservices)
  • 14h25 cEDMactivities from a business perspective (Geert Willems, imecservices - cEDM)
  • 15h00 Barco’s PCB/PBA New Product Introduction methodology (Lena Eeckhout, Barco)
  • 15h30 Working with cEDM in industrialisation (Eric Roskin, Pepric)
  • 16h00 Questions and answers
  • 16h15 Knowledge-exchange and networking, visit to the booths
    Booths: cEDM, Sirris, NEVAT EMS, KHBO, imomec, Centexbel, ED&A, H&W, PsiControl, Eurocircuits, Electronic Apparatus, Page, Taipro Engineering, imec, imecservices
  • 19h30 Closing

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imec, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee
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Participation is free of charge