IPC Standards Guide

The 'IPC Standards Guide' is intended to help the user in localising specific Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Printed Board Assembly (PBA) information in IPC standards.

The IPC Standards Guide provides a structure for PCB and PBA information and more generally for electronic hardware information. IPC standards are mapped to this structure. Electronic hardware is categorized into different interconnect levels: IC level 0, component package level 1, PBA level 2, rack/box level 3,... Each level is divided into two subcategories: the hardware item itself and the interconnecting medium. For PBA this is respectively the PBA and the PCB. Each subcategory uses the same generic tree structure identifying different aspects of the hardware item: 'parts & materials', 'design', 'fabrication', 'internal build-up & structure', 'testing' and 'properties of the finished item'. Each aspect is further subdivided into a more detailled structure. The IPC standards are mapped upon this data structure. To find the IPC standards that deal with the topic of interest, specify the topic and look it up in the tree structure. The relevant IPC standards are listed there.

Example: IPC-4101 - 'Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Boards' can be found under Level 2 – interconnecting medium PCB - 'Parts & Materials' - 'Basic Materials' - 'Laminate & Pre-preg' together with other IPC standards that discuss other types and other aspects of laminates and pre-pregs.

IPC product ID, version, document title and status information are listed. The standard itself (pdf file) can be purchased via the official IPC website (Association Connecting Electronics Industries): www.ipc.org

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