cEDM membership & partnership

cEDM Membership

As a cEDM member you will be informed about the activities of the cEDM program. You will get free entrance to the cEDM Workshops (2-3x per year), a substantial entrance fee reduction on other cEDM events as well as price reduction on tools and documents made available by the cEDM program. Your cEDM membership gives you access to the cEDM member pages on our website www.cedm.be. These pages offer you PBA development supporting tools, cEDM presentations and publications free of charge. Last but not least, cEDM membership gives you 200 Euro reduction on the cEDM consultancy service day price.

cEDM Partnership

You are a company with relevant production and/or engineering activities and wants to be actively involved in the cEDM program’s activities on design rules and PBA tool development? Then we can offer you cEDM partnership. Besides all benefits a cEDM member company receives, a cEDM partner can attend and participate in research projects and industrial workgroup meetings. cEDM partners get plenty of opportunities to discuss PBA issues in an open, non-commercial context with representatives of the whole electronic supply chain (OEM, EMS, PCB, design) and the cEDM team. You will get access to the research results on which the cEDM program output is built. cEDM partners have a say in the priority setting and the organization of the cEDM program and are invited to the cEDM management meetings (min. 2 per year).  Partners receive a single site license for tools and documents free of charge.

Overview of Benefits

Output Public Members Partners
1. Guidelines € 50-100 Free Free
2. Online tools TBD Free Free
3. PBA tool "Pred-X" See price info See price info See price info
4. Public Seminars and Training from € 100 - 25 % - 50 %
5. cEDM Workshop € 150 / pers Free Free
6. Work meetings research projects No access No access Free
7. cEDM Event Free Free Free
8. Website access to member pages No Access Free Free
9. Website access to partner pages No Access No Access Free
10. cEDM consultancy service   -200 Euro/day -200 Euro/day

  1. Guidelines: 1 copy per order. No distribution rights. Price depends on guideline.
  2. Online Tools: excluding cost of hardware or software platforms
  3. Pred-X: excluding cost of hardware of software platforms
  4. Seminars, training: excluding cEDM Workshop. Price depends on training.
  5. cEDM Workshop: discussion and networking event around a specific theme. Frequency: 2 to 3 workshops per year (not binding)
  6. Work meetings research projects: Members can participate in the working meetings of research projects for which they are in the user committee.
  7. cEDM event: Annual meeting with reporting on activities, prospects, etc.
  8. Access to the members pages of the website with information, tools, presentations, ...
  9. Access to the partner pages of the website with information on R&D activities.
  10. Individual consultancy on PBA Design-for-X, development, production, fault-analysis, etc.

Membership fee

  • A membership fee will be requested from each company site that wants to make use of membership benefits.
  • Membership fee for Benelux companies and Benelux sites of non-Benelux companies depends on the number of employees at the site. Number of employees:
    • Very small site: maximum 5 employees
    • Small site: 6 to 50 employees
    • Medium site: 51 to 250 employees
    • Large site: more than 250 employees
  • All company sites in the Benelux are treated equally, independent of the ownership
  • Possibility to subscribe a non-Benelux company site both for Benelux and non-Benelux companies
  • Possibility of subscription of professional organizations.

Overview membership fee

Company / Organization Partnership
Benelux companies    
     Large € 5000 € 2000
     Medium € 3000 € 1000
     Small € 2000 € 750
     Very small € 1000 € 500
     Non-Benelux site as Benelux site as Benelux site
Non-Benelux companies    
     Benelux site as Benelux sites of
Benelux companies
as Benelux sites of
Benelux companies
     Non-Benelux site € 5000 € 2000
University - Research Center € 1000 € 500
Professional / industry organization
(individual membership)
€ 2000 € 1000
Professional / industry organization
(enlisting of members)
Not Applicable To be determined depending
on number of members and
their activities.
Professional membership Not Applicable € 350
Sirris members Partnership fee minus
membership fee


Membership-Partnership request

Geert.Willems@imec.be – +32 498 91 94 64
Membership or partnership contracts will be send upon request.