cEDM Mission Statement

To support the development of high quality, reliable and cost-effective electronic modules (PBA) in industry by means of knowledge creation and sharing, scientifically sound methodologies and collaboration throughout the electronic supply chain.

  1. To create awareness regarding the value of scientifically sound methodologies in electronics development and production.
  2. To develop, provide and promote scientifically sound methodologies in the design, qualification, industrialisation and production of Printed Board Assemblies (PBA).
  3. To lower the barrier of introducing electronics in new applications.
  4. To stimulate research, knowledge creation and education in PCB/PBA Technology, Design-for-X and Electronic Production in local industry and academia.
  5. Focussed on serving the local industry in a world-wide international context.
  6. To provide the local industry with a technical forum for supply chain wide networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration.