Via Failure

The 'Via Failure Calculator' calculates the numbers of cycles to failure (lifetime) of copper plated through vias in Printed Circuit Boards under soldering and under accelerated thermal cycling conditions. The input parameters for the calculator are:

  • thermal properties of the laminate and the plated copper;
  • via dimensions;
  • thermal load conditions.

Default material properties are provided for copper.

This version contains the new via failure model developed by cEDM (as described in DfX Guideline EDM-D-001: PCB Specification V2.6), allows you to calculate also the via failure probability of the entire PCB and has the possibility to load the laminate properties from our PCB Laminate Overview.

Members and partners can download a member demo version of the calculator for free from the website.

A full version is also for sale. For more information please contact us.

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