SPM Collaboration

Free SPM webaccess for cEDM members and partners

Through the partnership with SPM we aim to join forces in the domain of electronics’ reliability, exchange knowledge and improve networking and lobbying opportunities.

SPM members are automatically associated member of cEDM as result of this cooperation and are granted access to the cEDM Member’s webpages.

cEDM partners and members have access to SPM reports and the SPM member webpages and can now directly access the member section on the SPM website through the page 'SPM member section' in the 'Membership' menu.

This is how SPM works

SPM was founded 1 January 1967 with the aim to promote the industry's need for reliability and environmental engineering research and to ensure that a knowledge center like DELTA acts as an effective information, advice and testing center.

SPM has about 60 members.

SPM's activities aim to bring all member companies new knowledge and experience. The activities are initiated by members and organized in such a way that everyone has influence through the selected contact person in each company.

The SPM association's main activities are:

  • Exchange of experiences in experience groups.
  • R&D projects (SPM projects).

Experience groups

The cooperation in the various experience groups is one of the best ways to keep abreast of developments in a special area. In SPM's experience groups, each member firm's specialists meet and exchange experiences within the group theme. The groups typically have 10-25 participants, and meetings are held as needed, typically 3-4 times a year. The SPM association provides secretariat so that the groups’ coordination, invitations, minutes, etc. are effective. In general, participants meet at each other’s locations, i.e. the hosting rotates.

R&D projects

The SPM projects are funded under the fixed subscription, and where possible, supplemented by other means, such as from the Ministry of Science Innovation and Higher Education. The association regularly conducts joint projects. The larger projects usually have a broader perspective of interest for the majority of the members. They can also sometimes be part of a broader project, on an international level. In these cases it is possible to increase efforts, such that the project funding is increased with the addition of funds, public or private, so that very demanding tasks can be subject for the implementation of the projects.