Seminar - EMC@Flanders

From nano (IC) to mega (installations)


In order to avoid extra delays and costs, EMC issues have to be searched for, investigated and solved at every stage of the design process and at every level (ICs, PCBs, modules, systems,…). Moreover, legal EMC requirements are becoming more stringent as they will not only ask to show compliance at the moment of placing on the market, but also to give evidence that EMC will be maintained during the whole lifetime of the product.

Within the KU Leuven, a long history exists on identifying, studying and solving EMC issues at every moment in the design cycle and at every level from IC to system. In this seminar we want to introduce you “EMC@Flanders”, a partnership of ESAT-MICAS, ESAT-TELEMIC, Labo DE NAYER and ReMI-FMEC, all members of the KU Leuven with complementary expertise related to EMC.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The seminar will start at 13:00.


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KHBO, Zeedijk 101, 8400 Oostende
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