PBA Reliability Seminar


Internet-of-Things, Electronics Everywhere, self-driving cars, body-area-networks monitoring your health, etc. : ever increasing electronics complexity means more opportunities to fail and, therefore, intrinsically a reduced reliability.
During this seminar, Geert Willems of imec-cEDM will explain the “bathtub curve”, take you through failure mechanisms in electronics and show you why and how Physics-of-Failure is becoming the cornerstone of modern reliability engineering.
Vital Driesen will walk you through the Reliability & Quality lab of Jabil in Hasselt.

Training Content:

  1. Failure Probability/Reliability functions: “the bathtub curve”

- Early failure – constant failure rate – wear-out – meaning of MTTF – Weibull
- Constant failure rate modeling and why it is not suited for modern electronics.
- EDM-D-100: Failure opportunities and the reliability function R(T) of a PBA

  1. Basics of Physics-of-Failure

- The failure mechanism – the stress level – from stress to lifetime
- Accelerated testing: Norris-Landzberg et al. and why this is not Physics-of-Failure.
- Physics-of-Failure based testing

  1. Dominant interconnection failure mechanisms in electronics

- Solder joint failure
- PCB via failure
- Insulation failure: SIR – creep corrosion – (CAF - Sn-whiskers)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
  • 13:00 Registration
  • 13:30 Basics in Electronics Reliability
              Geert Willems, imec & cEDM
  • 15:00 Coffee break
  • 15:30 Tour in Reliability & Quality lab of Jabil, Hasselt
              Vital Driesen, Jabil Hasselt
  • 17:00 Networking drink at the Corda Bar
  • 18:00 End of the event

Jabil Hasselt, Corda Campus, Kempische Steenweg 293/16, 3500 Hasselt


Send an e-mail at edm@imec.be

Participation fee: 

EDM Partners: 100 € (excl. VAT)
EDM Members: 150 € (excl. VAT)
Others: 200 € (excl. VAT)