PCB build-up and density classification


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The DfM guideline on PCB build-up and density classification, what’s in it for you?
What choices to make for the PCB build-up? Will your design require six or eight layers, or even more...? Is it OK to use microVIA’s in your design? When using a small pitch BGA, will you use minimum track width and spacing all over the board? How to work with density classes and basis on which to make a selection? How does all this impact DfM quality and PCB cost?
During the workshop, you will get an introduction to the guideline. Next, with the aid of a case, examples will be given relating to the choices involved in the PCB build-up.
Barco will present the implementation of a tool to handle the density classes. A comparison between different build-up options versus density classes will conclude the session.
At the start of the workshop, participants will receive a complimentary hardcopy of the guideline.

 Workshop 15

Members and partners can download the presentations of workshop 15 here.
  •  Intro
  •  Presentation1: EDM-D-005: PCB Build-Up and Density Classification
  •  Presentation2: Selecting a PCB build-up and density classification for your design - a BGA case
  •  Presentation3: Build-up options versus density classes: How to choose the right PCB Technology
  •  Presentation4: Implementation of the PBA Passport Tool to handle the density classes 
Friday, November 23, 2012
  • 13h30 Doors
  • 14h00 Welcome: The Center for Electronics Design & Manufacturing (Filip Ponsaerts – imec-cEDM)
  • 14h10 DfM guideline on PCB build-up and density classification (Geert Willems - imec-cEDM)
  • 14h40 PCB build-up, a case (Alain Carton – imec-cEDM)
  • 15h10 Pauze
  • 15h40 Implementation of the PBA Passport in Barco (Lena Eeckhout- Barco)
  • 16h00 Build-up options versus density classes (TBD)
  • 16h20 Q & A – discussion
  • 16h45 Networking with drinks and snacks..

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Barco, Noordlaan 5, Kuurne

Participation fee: 
  • cEDM Member: free
  • cEDM Partner: free
  • Others: € 80