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Electronics assembly materials like soldering fluxes, solder pastes, adhesives and coatings have a major impact on the final product quality and reliability. Improper selection and/or application may lead to severe surface insulation (SIR) failures and corrosion. Despite these risks assembly materials are rarely specified beyond “no-clean”, leaving the selection entirely to the production unit. Very often, however, the production unit is not fully knowledgeable about the working conditions and reliability requirements of the end product. A situation that may and has led to major product failures.
cEDM has developed the PBA Assembly Material Specification guideline EDM-D-003 to support design departments and production units in selecting manufacturing friendly materials that will result in reliable products.
In this workshop the technology, application and reliability risks of soldering materials, conductive adhesives and underfill will be presented. The content and use of the new guideline will be explained illustrated with the PBA failures it will prevent and how this is achieved.

At the start of the workshop, all participants will receive a copy of the EDM-D-003 guideline.

 Workshop 16

Members and partners can download the presentations of workshop 16 here.
  •  Intro
  •  Presentation1: Soldering Materials: Technology, Applications and Reliability aspects
  •  Presentation2: Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECA's) and Underfill materials
  •  Presentation3: Assembly material related failures and EDM-D-003 Guideline 
Friday, March 22, 2013
  • 13h30 Doors
  • 14h00 Welcome: The Center for Electronics Design & Manufacturing (Filip Ponsaerts – imec-cEDM)
  • 14h15 Soldering Materials: Technology, Applications and Reliability aspects (Ralph Lauwaert, Interflux)
  • 15h00 Conductive Adhesives and Underfill: Technology and Applications (Cindy Doumen, Henkel Electronic Materials)
  • 15h30 Pauze
  • 16h00 Assembly material related failures andEDM-D-003 Guideline (Geert Willems, imec-cEDM)
  • 16h45 Q & A – discussion
  • 17h00 Networking with drinks and snacks

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imec, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee

Participation fee: 
  • cEDM Member: free
  • cEDM Partner: free
  • Others: € 80