Seminar: Mastering the Fuzzy Front-End of Smart Product Development


At the origin of any product lie one or more ideas about how the product-of-interest may answer a need, solve a problem or address certain opportunities. The road from idea to product specification is bumpy, with numerous twists and turns, and an occasional dead-end. Digitization of products often requires entering unexplored territory, and adds complexity and risks to the journey. In this seminar we explain how a comprehensive, systematic system engineering methodology, smart product scenarios and tools based on system engineering standards (ISO/IEC/IEEE), can help you master this fuzzy front-end of smart product development. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

14h00   Welcome

14h05   A System Engineering Approach to (Smart) Product Exploration
Geert Willems, imec, EDM Forum
How a system engineering (INCOSE) based methodology can be an instrument to effectively manage the fuzzy exploration stage of Smart Products.

14h30   Smart Product Scenarios for Strategy and Business Model
Pieter Beyl, Sirris
How smart product scenarios can help to find the right product idea and business model to create, transfer and capture value with smart products.

14h55   Practical Tools for Smart Product Exploration and Concept Validation
Thomas De Meester, imec
Presentation and demonstration of practical tools that help to explore in a systematic way the different aspects of the problem and solution space, and to validate the insights obtained and conclusions made.

15h20   Smart Product Exploration support by Sirris and imec

15h30   Q&A and open discussion

16h00 Closure

Location: Antwerp Expo

Participation fee: 

Free of charge. Registration required.