Electronic Assembly Reliability


Smart products, AI, electronics everywhere… increasing electronics complexity means more opportunities to fail and, therefore, intrinsically a reduced reliability.

This seminar will explain quality and reliability assessment and quantification of electronic assemblies (PBA), take you through the failure mechanisms in electronics and show you why and how Physics-of-Failure must be the cornerstone of modern reliability engineering. 

This Master Class provides a more in-depth discussion of the topics addressed in the “PBA reliability and test facility visit” seminar. It is complementary to the Master Class “Electronic Assembly Technology”. Participants are assumed to be familiar with PCB and PBA technology.


Imec is een dienstenleverancier voor opleiding onder “kmo-portefeuille” met goedkeuringsnummer DV.O108298.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

13h30  Welcome
1.      Quality Quantification
2.      Reliability related basics
3.      PBA failure mechanisms
4.      Reliability Assessment
         o   The traditional approach
         o   A Reliability Physics based approach
5.      Reliability quantification
17h00 End


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