RoHS Service

RoHS Service is a non-commercial service provision with the aim of supporting companies with the implementation of the European RoHS directive and related WEEE directive.


RoHS and WEEE Directive

Here you can find legal documents, implementation guides and standards about RoHS and WEEE

Relevant EU sites:



WEEE collection

Belgian WEEE collection and processing agency: Recupel
European and WW collection agencies: the WEEE forum members.

To find the EU member state WEEE authorities.

RoHS Information

You can find publications and presentations in our library section.


Service provision

RoHS service has an extended advice and analysis service for all your RoHS and leadfree soldering related issues and questions.



RoHS FAQ brochure

De RoHS richtlijn (NL)
La directive RoHS (FR)
The RoHS Directive (EN)


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